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d.c we're looking out for you. >> sean: tonight there are multiple breaking developments about the boston bombing suspects. their families and their ties to terrorism. welcome to "hannity." i'm monica crowley in for sean. here is what learned for the past 24 hours. late last night, suspect number 2, dzhokhar tsarnaev, was transferred from the hospital to a federal prison medical center about 40 miles away from boston. meanwhile, according to the associated press, u.s. officials added the bombing suspect's mother's name to a federal terrorism database 18 months before the deadly attack. and today lawmakers told fox news that the mother has now become a, quote, person of interest. fox news also spoke to the mother directly and she said she
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is not planning to come to the u.s., but that her ex-husband might. she said the suspect's father was being taken to a hospital in moscow to deal with his, quote, nerves, head, stomach and elevated blood pressure. but she isn't the only family member that's raising concern. according to the weekly standard, law enforcement is questioning what role, if any, tamerlan's wife, kimberly russell, had, in regard to the bombings. she contacted her husband by phone after the f.b.i. released the surveillance video of the suspects and told him, quote, you're being watched. the report reads in part, quote, after reading -- receiving that phone call, authorities believe tamerlan decided he could not continue to hide from law enforcement and turned to the brother's bizarre flight. this comes a day after learned they were not finished trying to kill innocent americans.
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as they were planning to come to new york city to detonate more bombs. and last night on this program, we showed you this picture taken of dzhokhar and his friends taken last april. tonight fox news has confirmed that ice officials are holding two of the men pictured here on administrative immigration violations. both men are citizens of kazakhstan. joining me to react are former lapd detective, mark furman and kt mcfar land. mark, let me begin with you because we got this report late today that the authorities now have detained these two individuals, friends or associates of dzhokhar, citizenning of kazakhstan, pictured with him in times square. being held now on immigration violations, -- we're debating a big immigration reform bill and
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seems we can't enforce existing laws. if you set that aside from a law enforcement point of view, mark, what does this tell you about where we are in this investigation and where we're going? >> one thing is i'm really glad that federal law enforcement is finally swung into action. it's not the agents on the street. it is the people at the top. when you look at this whole scenario from the first -- the first day of the bombing, this is really nothing -- it's not a big intelligence espionage. this was police work, plain and simple. you got a reputable source in russia that gives the boston law enforcement agency, the f.b.i., information about a possible terrorist living among them and they really do nothing with it. rounding up students that have outstayed their visa now is a little bit too late.
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>> k.t., let's look at the secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano. she made an original statement asserting this was not part of a broader plot. let's take a look. >> the f.b.i. is investigating this as an act of terrorism and the full force of the federal government will support the response and the investigation. there is no current indication to suggest the attack was indicative of a broader plot. >> here we go. we've got two citizens now being detained by ice. we've had russian intelligence bring our attention to at least tamerlan over the years multiple times to the f.b.i., to the c.i.a. we had customs trigger attention on tamerlan when he left last year for russia, which triggered then attention from the joint terrorism task force, and yet, no action was taken at any level. yet, as we're piecing together different parts of the story, it seems more and more likely that this is a broader plot of international terror. >> it also -- how does she know? as they were trying to
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interrogate the guy left in boston, they got a little bit away through the conversation, the interrogation and then it was shut down. so who knows what other stuff he had to say? who knows, was he able to tip us off? he maybe has information about who did the brothers see in dagestan? is there a cell in new york? who is this guy misha? what other attacks were planned? we don't know any of that stuff. why? because the minute he started talking, somebody said, you have the right to remain silent and he clammed up. >> one of the things we may not be able to get from him because as k.t. points out, the justice department, up to eric holder, because this judge who mirandized him, it was eric holder's decision. we may not come to any kind of independent or at least through this suspect, knowledge of how they were able to build this bomb. fox news was reporting today that this bomb was very sophisticated and it contained details that you can not find on the web.
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you could not find the particular mechanisms of this bomb in the al-qaeda inspire on-line magazine where they claim they got all the information. so the question is, and how do we get this information? how did they get the details to build this bomb and did they actually have person to person bomb training and with whom? >> well, i would assume that tamerlan, when he went to russia, he got that bomb training. he certainly in his own experts, have told everybody on the news he didn't go there for six months and watch tv. he was going there for a specific reason. he was radicalized. he vocalized. he got kicked out of his mosque. he was seeking some kind of training recognition. he wanted to join and be a bigger part of jihad. you know, i can't understand why when you really -- you falter with the information in 2011 and then you have a suspect that is already committed a terrorist
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act and then you blow that one, too, and you stop the interrogation. i have no idea why they did this. it makes no sense whatever. you're within the law in that 48 hours of that exception, that public safety exception, why not exercise that and they were getting information. that's the irony. they were getting information and perhaps that's the very reason it was stopped. >> it doesn't seem like there is a real strong legal argument to be made, although there may be one and we don't know what it is yet. but it seems like it was more or less a political move to shut down the argument, kt, about how to classify him, either as an enemy combatant or criminal to go through the criminal justice system in this country. it seems like it was more of a political act. but let me ask you this, because we talked about the f.b.i we talked about the c.i.a. they both got major tips from russian intelligence multiple times go tamerlan. yet after 9-11, the 9-11 commission report recommended that that wall come down between
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law enforcement and intelligence agencies so that they could talk to each other and share this kind of intel. yet, that doesn't seem to have happened here. this can't be the isolated case where it's not happening. so what is going on? >> i think the way that this is dealt with is really significant because this is a new wave of terrorism. we have shut down al-qaeda prime in afghanistan and pakistan. bin laden is dead. we've gotten really good at seeing money move across borders. we've gotten really good at intel trade examining doing sting operations against larger operations. what we're not good at seeing is the individual or the two individuals. you pointed out inspire magazine. al-qaeda got smart. three years ago they realized what they needed were people who lived in the united states, young, muslim males they could somehow inspire to take up the cause of jihad. so when they would get these young people who would go to them, then they would kind of help them cross the psychological border of saying, okay. it's all right to kill women and children and innocents and it
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may be all right for you to die, too. once you get to that threshold, once you cross over that as that individual male becomes radicalized likes tamerlan did, then it's okay and it's easy. it's cheap to do this. it's easy to do this and america has a lot of public spaces. so this is the wave of the future. if they bungled this one, you better watch out because there will be more and more. >> and we learned it's not just happening overseas. it's happening under our very noses. >> absolutely. >> we have to leave it there. great to see you. thank you so much. still to come on "hannity" -- >> creating a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is absolutely essential. this is a matter of civil and human rights. >> the u.s. attorney general turns his back on the law of the land and says amnesty for illegal aliens is a civil right. the heated debate on his outrageous comment is coming up. but first, breaking news out of
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>> monica: well, the obama administration is caught red handed playing politics yet again with the sequester. for days airline passengers across the u.s. have spent hours waiting for delayed flights as the faa furloughs went into effect this past weekend.
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well, it's pretty obvious this measure was nothing more than a stunt because less than a week into the start of the budget cuts, both the house and senate passed legislation to help end the mounting airport delays. in fact, many lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have publicly said these furloughs should never have happened. clearly another political stunt by this administration all at the expense of the american people. ironically, the white house confirmed the president will sign the bill as soon as it reaches his desk. here with reaction is columnest, kerry and doug. welcome. >> great to see you. >> monica: so doug, our long national nightmare is over. the planes are back in the skies and people will have shorter waiting times here. but the truth is that the republican house passed two bills that were essentially sequester replacement bills to avoid exactly this and to carry out the sequester cuts in a more
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thoughtful and responsible and rational way. harry reid killed both of those bills in the senate. obama threatened to veto them, but somehow they got through the senate. and then the sequester got closer to actually kicking in, republicans offered to give president obama the authority and the discretion to carry out the sequester cuts and he refused. so here we are in this position where the president is not just responsible for this sequester, because it was his idea in the first place, but he's also responsible for these vindictive kind of stunts that inflict real pain on the american people. >> well, monica, there is no doubt that the sequester was a political act by the administration and it has failed. at the same time, what we really need is comprehensive reform of the bum jet. we -- did she budget. we need to reform entitlements and the tax system. we need to get spending under control. that can only be done on a bipartisan basis. there needs to be give on revenue. there needs to be give on spending by the democrats.
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and bottom line, that's the way to get away from this ridiculous mess that paralyzed the air traffic system and by the way, me, too, monica, getting to florida. it was pretty tough. >> monica: i'm sure, doug. my heart bleeds for you down there in miami. kerry, let's talk about this because the administration deliberately chose very high profile and visible things to attack. so they went after air travel so doug could come on national tv and complain about it. they have also went after white house tours. very visible things that were really inflicting pain on a vast number of americans. it seems very calculated as a political move, not as an economic one. doug talks about the need to rein in government and cut the deficit. i think we all agree on that. but this shows a fundamental unseriousness on the part of the administration to actually do it. >> you know, the biggest joke about this all is that you had the congress actually
2:17 am
appropriated more money to the faa in a budget than even obama actually requested for the faa. and when people began to figure that out, then it was like, ways, hold on a second, why are you making all these furloughs when we already gave you more money than you actually requested? this is ridiculous. >> monica: yeah. and doug, here is the irony and i want you to savor this irony, if you will. so i think one of the reasons why obama went after these high profile things, like air travel and white house tours is because he wanted to try to prove that we just couldn't live without big government. but the irony now is that with the sequester has shown is yes, we can, in fact, live without big government and big spending and secondly, that government is completely screwed up at all levels. they can't set appropriate priorities. there is no common sense in government at all.
2:18 am
>> well, look, i don't disagree that we have big problems with our government. we need to rein in spending, taxes, entitlement. we just can't afford big government or bad government. but monica, i think it's actually something a little worse. if i can be so bold. i think the obama administration thought that the sequester would be blamed on the republicans, more pain, more problems for the republicans. it's actually, according to the polls, backfired on the administration and that's why i think there has been some movement towards accommodation from the president and the white house towards reaching a deal. bottom line, this is all politics and government needs top to bottom reform. >> monica: i agree with you, doug. kerry, i think this is a really important point because i think for a long time, president obama really enjoyed a very positive rapport with most of the american people. this is damaging to his brand, number one. but more seriously, i think it's damaging to him politically because it makes him look like he cares more about scoring
2:19 am
political points than he is about the american people. i think going forward, i think he's got a tough hill to climb here. >> absolutely. no doubt. i believe it was tom coburn who caught the faa red handed when they found e-mails looking to roll out a huge media campaign trying to blame the congress over the faa furloughs and i was talking to a particular insider up in congress and he was saying, you know, there have been travelers who have been sitting on tarmacs with the captains of airplanes saying, the reason why we're sitting on these tarmacs for such a long time is because of the sequester. and so you can only imagine what certain faa officials have been telling the captains to say to their own passengers. >> monica: well, i do agree. i think this has backfired. doug, i agree with you on this. i think the president thought by inflicting real pain on the american people, i think he's got his work cut out in trying to regain some trust with the
2:20 am
american public. >> as we've seen, when presidents and their second term start slipping as this president has, that's only bad news for them for their party. >> monica: indeed, great to see you both. thank you. and still ahead tonight on "hannity" -- >> creating a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is absolutely essential. this is a matter of civil and human rights. >> monica: amnesty, a civil right? wow. tonight you'll hear from an immigration attorney who actually agrees with eric holder. stay tuned for that heated debate. but first -- >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> monica: u.s. intelligence now says sarin gas has been used in syria and yet our commander in chief is refusing to act. we'll examine the weakness that's being exhibited by this white house coming up next
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>> the u.s. intelligence community assesses with some degree of varying confidence that the syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in syria. specifically the chemical agent sarin. >> monica: that was defense secretary chuck hagel on what reports have been confirming for months, that syria is using chemical weapons against its own people. president obama is on record saying that such a measure would be a, quote, game changer as far as u.s. intervention in the syrian civil war. listen to what he has said in the past few months about the issue. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime, but also to other players on the ground that
2:26 am
a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or being utilized. that would containing my position. the use of chemical weapons against the syrian people would be a serious and tragic mistake. the assad regime must understand that they will be held accountable for the use of chemical weapons or their transfer to terrorists. i have made clear that the use of chemical weapons is a game changer. >> monica: seems pretty clear to me what the red line is. here with reaction are fox news contributor dennis kucinich and radio talk show host, david webb. gentlemen, welcome. >> good to see you. >> monica: congressman, let me begin with you. the american commander in chief, as you just heard in a little montage, has been very clear when referring to the possible use of chemical agents in syria. he's talked about accountability and he said directly, there will be consequences. so if this report is indeed true and it's still a little unclear,
2:27 am
it's still a little dicey here, so we got to be careful. but it this report is true and the president does nothing in response, what does that do to both his credibility and the credibility of the united states? >> well, we've already been misled once in iraq. we all remember the stories about wmd's, even colin powell with proof. look, we're not going to be misled. besides that, it's not the president's choice, it's congress' and ultimately the american people. i don't think the american people want another war. the president talks about a red line. how about the red blood of our soldiers? how about the red ink of national debt? >> monica: let me stop you there, congressman, because you mentioned congress and congress' approval for any kind of military intervention. this president did not go to congress for approval in the libyan intervention. did that concern you? does that concern you going forward? >> well, i put together a bipartisan coalition as a member of the house which almost stopped that war in its tracks and was all about a massacre in benghazi which, of course, that
2:28 am
was not true. what happened in benghazi is our ambassador got killed by the very people we helped establish power in libya. look, we cannot be an agent for putting radical fundamentalists in charge of syria, yet with al-qaeda and their allies, we are actually the side of those who we're fighting in other places. this doesn't make any sense at all and if the regime is using any kind of nerve agent or illegal weapon, they have to be held to an account in the international court. but it's not for us to start getting involved and in school cycling a -- cycling a war. >> monica: i agree that the war has become a radical islamist con influence of assortment of islamists. we have to be really careful about who we may be arming here. david, let me turn to you. whether the president acts or
2:29 am
not, the fact he has gone out on a limb and making the statement about a red line with chemical agents, maybe now it's a pink line because we're unclear. this could affect our credibility well beyond syria. we had benghazi, four americans dead. the president said we'll get to the bottom of this, no consequences. iran getting a nuclear weapon. this administration says we're going to stop it. that perceived, no consequences. missiles to north korea, no consequences. talk to us about that. >> how do both our allies and our enemies deal with us from that point of view? their perception of this president on either side, on both sides is that he's weak because you have the strong threats like a strongly worded letter that says this is our red line and if not, we'll follow through. north korea, let's look at north korea. let's look at china who decided to test us by taking the scarborough shoels to see what this administration would do. and to the issue of chemical weapons, by the way, let me refute something that's absolute
2:30 am
fact. we found the ricin residue in iraq. the wmd's were there. the 600,000 dead kurds is proof and there were many democrats from madeline all bright to bill clinton, who hillary clinton know this to be true and said so. what we have now is a question of what happened. i was in israel in february. i can tell you the talks that i had with knesset members, with security apparatus in that country. they struck, they were concerned. we know in large part, while again, with the caveat that we can't prove every trail of what happened from iraq into syria likely and the fact that these chemical weapons are there. we had the ones that were activated. i believe it was -- i can't believe the name of which weapon was activated at 60 days to expire. these things are there. the red line has been crossed with its use. the real red line is trusting america. >> monica: congressman, very quickly because you're a very principled man, very consistent. talk to us a little bit and quickly about the inconsistency here in the obama
2:31 am
administration. they went into libya where there was no slaughter taking place and based it on a doctrine of responsibility to protect innocent civilians. in syria, you have an actual slaughter taking place. no action by the administration. i'm not arguing either way. i'm just saying this is a gross inconsistency. >> i think that it would be a misjudgment of president obama to say that he is not capable of using deadly force. the whole drone war would prove otherwise. i think we have to understand that in benghazi, we were dragged into that war simply to oust gadhafi and in syria, there are elements from outside syria, from a number of different countries that are fomenting the war there to try to knock out assad or keep the war going to debilitate assad and somehow adversely affect iran. so there is politics being played which are very deadly. the administration has to be very careful here. i think they know one thing and they better know it, and that is
2:32 am
that i don't think the american people are going to stand for another war out there and we're not going to get dragged into a wagon the dog -- wag the dog scenario by this area that was hacked. an e-mail was discovered about planting a chemical weapon -- >> monica: congressman, i've got to go. this is to be continued and conveniently the muslim brotherhood looks poised to take over in syria. perfect timing. david webb, dennis kucinich, thank you. coming up next on "hannity" quarterback quarterback. >> creating at that pathway to earn a pathway to citizenship is absolutely essential. this is a matter of civil and human rights. >> monica: eric holder rewrites the law of the land and says amnesty is a civil right for illegal aliens. when we come back, an immigration attorney is here to defend that outrageous comment. and then -- >> do you do it every day? >> i try to. >> you try to. >> sometimes i get too stoned, i forget. [ laughter ]
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>> monica: welcome back to "hannity." as the immigration debate continues in washington and across the country, u.s. attorney general eric holder is now saying that he believes providing the pathway to citizenship for the 11 million illegals in america is a matter of civil rights. here is what america's top cop said in a speech before the mexican american legal defense in the education fund on wednesday. >> creating a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is absolutely essential. [ applause ] the way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented
2:38 am
by creating a mechanism for them to earn citizenship and to move out of the shadows transcends the issue of immigration status. this is a matter of civil and human rights. it is about who we are as a nation and goes to the core of our treasured american principle of equal opportunity. >> monica: so let's get this straight. the chief law enforcement officer of the united states wants to break the nation's immigration laws. unbelievable. here with reaction from the american center for law and justice, jordan sekulow and francisco hernandez. nice to see you both. let's begin with you because every time you think you heard the worst of the worst from eric holder, he does something even more outrageous. here he is casting amnesty as a civil rights emergency and necessity. this is not a legal argument coming from eric holder. this is a political argument because what he's doing is what the left always does, which is
2:39 am
cast supporters of amnesty as the good guys and those who oppose amnesty for those who have broken the law to get in the country, as the bad guys. he's casting us as essentially the demonizing our side of the argument. this is what the left does and it's grossly wreckless. >> by doing that, monica, i agree with everything you just said, by doing that, he weakens america. why do i say that? because if you take his statement to the logical conclusion, everyone has the right to become an american citizen in the world. we know that's not true. national sovereignty is protected, international law. we did a survey of all the international law, human rights law, there is no human rights law in the world that requires a country to take people who are there illegally and make them into citizens. it's a policy decision, but again, as you said, very dangerous because it casts those of us who question this administration because of these statements any kind of change in the legal system and how to deal with the people here, it makes us all question we're going to
2:40 am
be demonized in this process. we're the anti-civil rights people now? this is so unfortunate coming not just from a member of the president's cabinet, but by the attorney general of the united states. wrong by law and it's wrong to do in the country. >> monica: francisco, let me ask you about this because eric holder is the nation's chief law enforcement officer. he's supposed to be enforcing the laws as is the president of the united states. yet, to invoke civil rights, which is a very serious concept, in this kind of way seems incredibly rebless, irresponsible, destructive, and in the same way, it's cheapening the term, civil rights, because you actually do have civil rights movements that have meant something in this country. to say we're going to grant people who have broken the law to get here the same civil rights, people must enjoy as basic human beings seems outrageous and exploit favor. >> well, the problem is here action you guys are talking about everything except for what he said. look at his words.
2:41 am
all he said was a pathway tushiesship if they -- to citizenship if they pay their way. if they pay their taxes yes. there are laws -- >> that's after you're here legally. (talking over each other). >> monica: hang on. one at a time. francisco, finish your point. >> i thought i got to answer -- >> the point is you guys are quoting everything except what he said. all he said is that if they buy the ticket, they get to ride on the bus. let's create the law that allows these folks that have been here and we've been taxing them, to become legal. isn't that what we want? >> he said it was a human rights violation not to. that's the problem. >> monica: hold on. no, no. let's talk about exactly what the attorney general said, francisco. he was saying that granting
2:42 am
amnesty to those who are coming into the country illegally, this is exactly what he's talking about because again, he's not make the legal argument. he's making a political argument. that granting amnesty is a basic civil right and that's what we're claiming is very exploitative. >> he did not say amnesty. -- >> let me finish what i was saying. >> monica: one at a time, guys. >> let me finish what i'm saying. >> monica: quickly. >> but listen, guys, the way you guys are going, you're making the same argument against marco rubio who i think has his brain and his heart in the right place. they're coming up with a solution that both sides agree have a huge problem that needs to be solved. for now, eight years we've been talking about urging the federal government to act. arizona passed some crazy laws -- >> that had nothing to do with this -- >> the federal government to act. >> monica: jordan, okay. let me get to you. this, like i said, is not a legal argument. this is obama and holder making
2:43 am
a community organizing argument. in other words, creating a whole new class of victims and then claiming that the government has to take responsibility for those victims. >> this does not help people like senator rubio. people like senator rubio making the case of how we should handle, which is a policy issue, the people who are here illegally, it's a policy issue. why do we get to make those decisions? we're not required to do one thing or the other. it's broad. we can keep them here or send them back. we can create a pathway to citizenship and being on either side of that doesn't make someone a hue rights violator if they don't agree with the attorney general of the united states. that's wrong. >> monica: that's what the argument is as well. i got to leave it there. i know we'll revisit this early and often. this is to be continued. thank you so much. up next, cheech and chong stopped by the "hannity" set. >> you get excited over -- >> you think if i did the show stoned i'd be better?
2:44 am
>> you would see things -- >> monica: differently? >> sean stoned? what? sean's interview with the comedic legends is next. and later, the president, yes, the president, says he may soon be getting a tattoo. we'll tell you what he plans to get and where he plans to get it, although that might be tmi, right here on "hannity." don't forget to log on to our special companion site to follow the live show and share your thoughts on this and more. just go to hannity great first gig! let's go! party! awwwww... arigato! we are outta here! party......
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>> monica: welcome back to "hannity." the comedy duo of cheech and chong have been making audiences
2:49 am
laugh for over 40 years with their own unique brand of comedy. now the team is back with a brand-new film called "cheech and chong's animated movie." take a look. >> in the coffee shop across from the high school. i got the stuff with me, so make sure you bring the cash, man. >> hey, man, can i use the phone, man? >> 160 bucks. all right. >> let me use the phone. >> how you doing, pedro? >> food. let me use the phone, man. >> just a minute, man. i'm making a deal. >> come on, hurry up, man, it's an emergency, i got to make this call. >> monica: pretty real. sean recently sat down with them. >> sean: joining me the incredible cheech and chong. god to see you. y'all doing all right? >> we'll make it. >> sean: i had every one of your albums growing up. hey, it's me, open up, i got the stuff. dave? dave is not here. really funny, funny stuff. >> thank you.
2:50 am
>> sean: listen, this ma sound strange, do you guys smoke as much pot as you say you do? >> probably a little more. [ laughter ] >> we don't pay for it. me. because we're cheech and chong. we try to pay for it. they'll say hey, here, you take that. and i go, let me pay for it. you know that -- phony way. >> sean: like with the check? >> yeah. they say no. they just give it. >> sean: do you do it every day? >> i try to. >> sean: you try to. >> sometimes i get too stoned. i forget. [ laughter ] >> sean: i don't know whether to take you seriously or not. i don't know if i believe you. >> i'm a comedian. >> sean: you're shaking your head yes. he does, but not you. >> not every day. when i feel like it. in fact, i brought you a joint. >> sean: you did? >> it looks like a golf tee. >> sean: do you play golf? >> yeah. >> sean: are you good? >> i'm going to go pro. >> super, super. [ laughter ]
2:51 am
>> sean: but those from big bamboo and all the other albums that you did, they were massive hits. they were funny. >> yeah. we even got paid for some of them. >> yeah, thanks for the car payments, by the way. >> sean: i'm kind of impressed. i told you, i was a little surprised. i call your hbo standup act the other day and i have seen you also. you guys are still very sharp, very funny, lot of energy. that's not been my experience with people that i know that smoke pot on a regular basis. >> you know what? >> sean: they're lethargic. >> from the very beginning, we were talk being this on the way over here. we put down any other drugs and join the ymca. i swear. so all the years we were on the road, we belonged to the ymca. whatever town we checked into, we worked out, played basketball. lift weights, take a sauna, come back and party ask then -- and then go to the next town. >> sean: you take care of yourselves in other ways.
2:52 am
>> still do. >> sean: you told me you're 75 years old? >> yeah. >> sean: you've been smoking since how old? >> 18. >> sean: don't you worry about the lung cancer aspect? >> not at all. >> it's been prove to cure cancer. >> sean: you really think it cures cancer? >> it does. >> sean: guys think weed solves every problem. >> it does. >> sean: oh, come on. >> on cnn, there is -- >> sean: if it's cnn, it's total bull. [ laughter ] >> sean: pot does not ruin your mind. go. >> it showed a kid with autism and he was beating himself, hitting himself in the face. and then they dosed him with some thc, some weed, and then i think about a half hour later, the kid is licking at his hand like he's in love with his hand and he's hugging his mom. it's the first time in his life where he showed affection and it
2:53 am
was all because he was dosed with the tc. that calmed him down. >> sean: what are you doing? you going back on tour together? >> yeah. we've been on tour the last four years. >> sean: every weekend? >> yeah. >> sean: where are you going next? >> we'll be in buffalo. [ laughter ] >> i haven't looked at the paper yet. i'm on a need to know basis. roach chester and buffalo. >> are you serious, you never smoked pot? >> sean: i don't do drugs. >> would you try the experiment? >> sean: to smoke pot with you? >> no, no. >> sean: you want the honest truth? i'm afraid of drugs. i don't want to do any of that. >> okay. you don't have to. >> do you have a mental issue? do you have an anger problem? >> not really. >> are you sure? [ laughter ] >> sean: i'm not that angry. >> i've seen your show and i've seen you get excited. >> sean: you think if i did the show stoned i'd be better?
2:54 am
>> you know what would happen? >> sean: what? >> you would see things -- >> sean: differently? >> what pot does, gives you original thoughts. >> sean: and all of my thoughts now are not original? >> you've been cornered with your mind set. >> sean: you get soaker and i'll get stoned and we'll do the show. >> okay. >> sean: no, no, no. forget it. deal is off. nice catholic education, me, too. we're prepared for anything that's going to happen. >> sean: all right, guys. best of luck to you. >> thank you very much. >> monica: up next, the commander in chief and the leader of the free world says he's considering getting a tattoo. not only that, he says if and when it happens, he'll show it off on youtube. this is not a joke. details straight
2:55 am
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>>monica: tonight we close the show with some inside scoop about president obama. his parenting skills and his consideration into getting inked. that's right, our commander in chief, the leader of the free world, is not ruling outat getting a tattoo in the near future. the reason? po embarrass his daughters in the hopes of steering them away from the idea themselves. what president
2:58 am
obama told nbc news. >> michelle and i have used this strategy when it comes to things like tattoos. what we said to the girls is if you guys decided you're going to get a tattoo, mommy and me will get y the exact same tattoo and we'll go on youtube and show it off as a family tattoo. my thinking is somehow that's a good way to rebel. >>monica: there you have it. if the girls get inked, our president will follow suit. malia, sasha, we're begging you, please don't do it. that's all we have this evening. i'm monica crowley in for sean. thank you for being with us and have a great weekend.
2:59 am
[national anthem playing] [national anthem playing]
3:00 am
>> good morning. it is saturday, april 27. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us. she is the mother of the boston bombers but this mom may not be so innocent. how she landed on a terror watch list and now she's a person of interest. all the details ahead. >> good morning. i'm mike in for tucker. this piece of a landing gear found wedged between the ground zero mosque site has been sitting the for nearly 12 years. or is it all a hoax? >> it's the interview that made mike jerod speak first. >> what are you doing? >> what am i not doing? >> how are they goi
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